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PWall Constructive System

The PWall Constructive System is a modular straw wall for the external infill of buildings consisting of natural and renewable materials such as wood, straw, clay and natural lime. These materials are factory-assembled to form a finished product ready for installation. Thanks to prefabrication, once you placed all the walls, you just have to complete the interior and exterior infill levelling it.

Sistema Costruttivo PWall


Width 40 - 120 cm
Height 20 - 350 cm
Thickness 30 - 48 cm including plasters
Inclination¹ max 60° upper side
Thermal transmittance² 0.12 W/mqK
Thermal lag² 12.21 hours
Acoustic insulation¹ 53 dB
Fire resistance¹ 100 min

¹ values similar products

² value obtained by calculation' software UNI EN ISO 13786:2008

Total cancellation of thermal bridging in the wall

The special structural conformation ensures a 50% saving of energy dissipated in the junctions because of the different materials.

Guaranteed Straw

The straw used is selected and monitored from birth and throughout the assembly process. To obtain a higher quality of the finished product the straw undergoes a mechanized treatment to eliminate any insects and foreign material. Furthermore, we do not use chemicals or products containing formaldehyde throughout the procedure.

Quick Installation

The PWall Constructive System allows to complete the construction of the structure in a few days and with the possibility to arrange the electrical pipes in the factory. The weather conditions as well will no longer be the cause of works stoppage, thanks to the plaster that protects the straw.

Are you thinking about your ideal home that will be entirely built with natural products while respecting the health of your whole family?

PWall is the solution!
The PWall modules are made entirely of 100% natural materials without any glue or chemical treatments and without harmful emissions for human beings, in order to create a unique and personalised accommodation facility.

Do you want to create a welcoming and professional space for your customers with zero environmental impact?

PWall creates the space that suits all your needs, being a Zero-Emission product thanks to its CO2 natural absorption and its short production chain.

Can you have a completely natural structure that has got very low energy costs in one solution?

Yes, with PWall you can!
The PWall Constructive System ensures low construction costs and very low energy consumption in one single building and its entire structural existence .



The Pwall Constructive System, thanks to its technical composition and natural materials, has got numerous advantages aimed to increase the comfort of the settings, combined with a high energy saving.



The PWall Constructive System, stems from technicians that create the product with their hands. The passion for their work turns the ordinary into Innovation and creates solutions for the users. We strongly believe in our project, sure of the evolutionary impact it will have on the market. This will be the first of a series of products that will revolutionise the way we live.

Per.Ind. Donato Pirro

Ing. Enrico Maria Pallotti

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